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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Emma Gaala, Helsinki, Finland, 8.03.2014

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''DBC'' premiere in Kiev, Ukraine, 13.03.2014

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By Terry Richardson, 2014

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Skavlan Talkshow, 21.02.2014

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Dallas Buyers Club Q&A, 29.11.2013

Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 7.12.2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Vanity Fair PhotoBooth at Rome Film Festival, 9.11.2013

V Magazine Winter Issue, november 2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Sterling Heights, USA, Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, 5.10.2013

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 15.10.2013

(Видео можно будет скачать позже в архиве или посмотреть не в самом лучшем качестве здесь)

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Virgin Radio interview, Musilac, France, july 2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Loveline, may 2013

MarsFlash, LA, 23.05.13

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
At Frieze NY Art Fair, 11.05.2013

KROQ Weenie Roast, 18.05.2013

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The Pantheon
Друзья, если в скобках написано, что НУЖНО СКАЧАТЬ ВСЕ АРХИВЫ, А ПОТОМ ИХ РАСПАКОВЫВАТЬ, то так и надо сделать. Нет смысла качать архив на выбор, он всё равно не откроется без других частей.


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Видео архивом за 2009 год (скачать все части, потом распаковывать)
часть 1 часть 2 часть 3 часть 4
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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
France 24, 26.04.13

(Мне очень понравилось, как он ответил, поэтому не смогла удержаться, чтобы не выложить)

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Melbourne, Australia, 1.04.2013

The Project - Jared Leto, april 2013

SiriusFM, march 2013
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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Buzzworthy Blog: 30 STM - Talking about new album and working with Damien Hirst

Адекватно вытащить видео с сайта МТВ я так и не осилила, пришлось записывать с экрана.

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

“While we weren’t very popular, the connection that we were making with the people that did get it was very deep. (…) And I think it still remains true to this day - you either get it or you don’t, there isn’t a halfway point. It’s either a 1000% or nothing and that works perfect for me.”

I'd probably steal my wallet. I don't carry a wallet for a good reason because I know my 15 year old self is out there somewhere.

“You become who you really are and if you work hard enough, who you wish to be, but those things aren’t always in line.
Some of the things you may have wished for yourself don’t happen and that’s a wonderful thing because something entirely unexpected does and that’s what’s magical about it all.”

“I believe that is a big part of why we’re doing all this - to share a moment of freedom and abandon with each other.”


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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
В архиве следующие аудио-интервью, датирующиеся 18.03.2013:

102.1 The Edge
Channel 93.3
Wendy Rollings
- Jared + Tomo
Zane Lowe
(2 части)

“A lot of people are gonna take the “Lust” part and think of something immediately sexual, but you know, lust doesn’t just have sexual connotations: you can have lust for your life, you can have lust for an object, you can have lust for your art.” (c) Jared Leto


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Видео 2012 (октябрь-декабрь)

I want to see the sky upon the wall.

Видео 2012 (август-сентябрь)

I want to see the sky upon the wall.

The Pantheon