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Mars light
Richmond, VA, USA, XL102's Miracle on Broad Street at The National, 18.12.2013

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Norfolk, VA, USA, The NorVa, 19.12.2013

"Jared was all serious onstage playing his solo slowed version of The Kill on acoustic guitar, when I happened to look over to the back/side of the stage and omg Shannon and Tomo were just down there fake-swooning/smiling at him and batting their eyes like fangirls, and then they started hysterically laughing and pretending to passionately sing along with him, and it was literally THE funniest thing I've ever seen."

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Tulsa, OK, USA, DCF Concerts Brady Theater, 21.12.2013

Последнее фото с тура 2013 :gigi:

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Louisville, Expo Five 30.01.2011

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Richmond, The National 31.01.2011

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Niagara Falls, The Rapids Theatre 02.02.2011

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The Pantheon
Richmond, Alley Katz 15.05.2006


Charlotte, Amos' SouthEnd or Tremont Music Hall 17.05.2006

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The Pantheon