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Друзья, если в скобках написано, что НУЖНО СКАЧАТЬ ВСЕ АРХИВЫ, А ПОТОМ ИХ РАСПАКОВЫВАТЬ, то так и надо сделать. Нет смысла качать архив на выбор, он всё равно не откроется без других частей.


читать дальше


читать дальше

Видео архивом за 2009 год (скачать все части, потом распаковывать)
часть 1 часть 2 часть 3 часть 4
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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
London, 29.04.2013

Leaving BBC Radio One, London, 30.04.2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
ENERGY Startalk, Berlin 24.04.2013

Cauer sur NRJ, Paris, 25.04.2013

Архив фотографий

Paris, 26.04.2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Coachella, by J.L., 14.04.2013

Behind the scenes "Up in the air"

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Universal Music Group, 19.04.2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
april 2013

Coachella, 12.04.2013

Coachella, 13.04.2013

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Melbourne, 2.04.13

Take40 Interview, 3.04.2013

Melbourne, 4.04.13

Скачать архив фотографий с трёх мероприятий

Скачать архив видео

(В папке следующие файлы: Kings and Queens - Song Stories, Jared Leto's Sex Talk, Jared Leto's Crazy Fan Mail, Jared Leto and George Stroumboulopoulos - On The Keys, Jared Leto On George Stroumboulopoulos - interview, Jared + spider, Interview at Music Feeds Studio, Interview - The Morning Show)
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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
SXSW, 13.03.2013

With Annabelle Wallis, march 2013

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Interview by Ana Isabel Arroja from a Portuguese radio, 21.03.2013

Ну и пара разных цитат Джареда для тех, кому лень слушать или смотреть. Цитаты понадёрганы отовсюду, но я хочу их сохранить здесь.

“It’s a new beginning. A lot of people are going to be very surprised.

“It’s important when you make an album you rediscover and redefine.

“I do think we’ve made the album of a lifetime.

“It was time for us to move in a completely different direction.”

The trio launched new single Up In The Air by sending it into space and Jared explained: “We got to visit Nasa twice. We were talking with astronauts via video about life in space.

“In the middle of our conversation one reached out, picked up our CD and spun it around so it was floating at zero gravity.

“It was a real unforgettable moment. Our grandfather was in the Air Force as a pilot so aviation and flight is in our DNA.

“My brother and I were really excited.”

The disc’s cover was designed by artist Damien Hirst, 47, and resembles his spotty BRIT Award.

Jared revealed: “I’ve always been inspired by Damien.

“3STM, Nasa and Damien Hirst have something in common – at their core a lot of what we all do is about making dreams reality.”

“Love Lust Faith + Dreams is a culmination of all the hard work, all the experiences that we’ve had all over the world touring. We poured it all out into this album and I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.”

“Change is sometimes difficult for some people.
There are always going to be people out there that wanna hear the same album over and over again but that’s not what I’m interested in. That’s not what I’ll ever do.”

“Interviewer: Do you hate the good-looking stigma?
Jared: I don’t think about that stuff so much. I think that people if they know your work, maybe you become 20 % more handsome than you would’ve if you were just walking down the street.”

“Making art in general is about bravery, it’s about taking chances, it’s about walking down a more uncomfortable path sometimes and I always challenge myself to do that even if it’s being foolish. It comes from a desire to create things and share them with people.”

“Love Lust Faith + Dreams was really about a natural progression towards what is true for us, who are we, what do we have to say lyrically and musically. I think that this is the defining album of our career.”

“I think what we have in common as artists and as a band, and as what a core component of Thirty Seconds To Mars and NASA is, that it’s all about dreams.
NASA is a great example of what is possible. They are doing things that are supposed to be impossible.”

“We have a cooking book coming. Some people call it a cook book, but I call it a cooking book. It’s called ‘Mars Madness Inside the Marshmallow & Outside the Chocolate Chip’.”

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Some of the @KerrangMagazine team with @JaredLeto at the @30SECONDSTOMARS album playback last night! Love this! (с) 20.03.2013

Kerrang audio-interview

London, 21.03.2013

Video - Zane Lowe interview (2 parts)

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
Soho, New York, 19.03.2013

New York, 20.03.2013

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Radio.com interview, 19.03.2013

Видео (2 файла в архиве)

SiriusXM Studios, 19.03.2013
(наверняка, потом будет больше и в HQ, соответственно архив тоже позже)

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“Artifact” premiere during SXSW, 13.03.2013

Архив фотографий

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Norway, Oslo, 2011

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Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]

Harley*Quinn [DELETED user]
By Terry Richardson, february 2013

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